Value chain management

Helping businesses create and preserve value through integrated tax and operational efficiencies.

Brett Weaver

Brett Weaver

Partner & National Leader, Value Chain Management, KPMG US

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Take an integrated, business-led approach to Value Chain Management

Faced with evolving customer behaviors, new and unexpected technologies, and shifting regulatory and tax policies, disruption is becoming business as usual. In response, companies are reevaluating both their value chains and operating models to better understand the ways in which disruption may be affecting how they can and should deliver business value.

KPMG’s multidisciplinary service helps businesses identify, assess, and execute business model improvements which can produce greater business profitability and cash flow.  Because we align strategic tax, trade and treasury knowledge with experienced operational and financial thinking, we help clients look at the big picture and plan a business-led response to the disrupted global landscape.

By working with companies in an integrated way as they change their operating models and value chains, our Value Chain Management team can help align multiple functions such as procurement, data analytics and tax reform with a unified strategy. Strategies can include:

Procurement Operating

Models Restructuring to standardize processes, creating centers of excellence for high value activities in jurisdictions that are cost effective for operations and tax.

Data Analytics & Cyber Security

Managing and maximizing big data and cybersecurity monetization opportunities—both internally and externally—and spotting “new” correlations to support business decisions.

Global Tax Reform

Understanding the potential ripple effects that expected global tax reform (such as BEPS and others) will have on supply chain operations beyond tax issues, and weighing the costs and benefits of alternative manufacturing scenarios.