KPMG Trade Management On Demand

With a wide range of managed services to support high-volume process-driven trade tasks, KPMG allows clients' internal resources to focus on the strategic priorities that matter most. 

Gisele Belotto

Gisele Belotto

Principal, Trade & Customs, Managed Services Leader, KPMG US

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KPMG Trade Management On Demand integrates sophisticated automation with established processes and experience to enable importers to put their focus where it matters most – on adding strategic value. Our managed services allow companies to outsource repetitive trade activities so that internal resources can be redirected to higher priority tasks. Our team has the knowledge and skill to execute these tasks efficiently, compliantly, and with full transparency. 

The global trade environment is undergoing rapid change. KPMG Trade & Customs professionals have the global tax knowledge, industry experience, and technical capabilities to help implement the processes and approaches that can boost a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. KPMG Trade Management On Demand, a suite of managed services, can assist companies in reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and mitigating risk issues related to engaging in cross-border business. 



KPMG Managed Services for Global Trade

Managed services

KPMG Trade Management On Demand services include: 


Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

We set-up and manage large-scale solicitations and qualifications so that your company can increase savings while meeting the regulatory requirements for every FTA that is claimed. 


Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) we cost-efficiently and accurately perform mass product classifications at the speed of business.

Post-Entry Review

Our teams use automation to gather the entire universe of your imports then strategically validate targeted entries so that errors are identified before they become systemic.

Automated Value Reconciliation

Our team’s experience combined with process mapping enables us to break down adjustments impacting value, calculate weighted allocations, and recalculate duties and fees supported by an auditable trail.

Restricted Party Screening

Our customized screening solutions managed by export compliance professionals allow your company the security of knowing that only lawful transactions are occurring.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Management

Our teams can manage your FTZ so that your company benefits from the duty-deferral without the day-to-day tasks of running a Zone.


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