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Compliance is the cornerstone of any successful trade program. We can help you identify, manage and remediate risk.

John McLoughlin

John McLoughlin

Principal, Trade & Customs Leader, KPMG US

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Jessica Libby

Principal, Trade & Customs, KPMG US

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Chris Young

Chris Young

Principal, Trade & Customs, KPMG US

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The KPMG Trade & Customs practice is anchored by its deep technical knowledge that allows us to solve the most complex customs compliance questions while developing solutions that enhance business operations. 

We support our clients with the entire universe of customs compliance activities in the U.S. and abroad. Whether you face a classification or valuation challenge, or want to assess the efficiency of your company’s trade compliance function, we can help. 

Some of our services include:

Audit/Investigation Support

We support our clients in identifying potential customs violations, quantifying the impact, and preparing and submitting disclosures.

We also assist our clients who are undergoing a United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) audit in resolving the matter as quickly as possible while enhancing compliance processes when necessary. 

Protests/Customs Rulings

We help our clients submit protests and customs rulings to CBP so that they can foster compliance and obtain guidance on regulatory issues.

Classification Validation and Support

We support our clients in product classification determination and validation through deep substantive knowledge and sophisticated automation. This includes mass HTS classification determinations that can be performed by our trade and customs team for discrete specialized classifications.

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Valuation Assistance

Valuation is core to customs compliance. We work with our clients to validate the value declared to CBP and assist in identifying the correction valuation methodology when necessary.

Local and Global Compliance Reviews

Whether you need a localized internal assessment or a coordinated multi-country compliance review, we have the tools to support the effort. Depending on your needs, we can team with our extensive global network of member firms or conduct virtual site assessments using our sophisticated technology.

Target Operating Models / Trade Transformation

We assist our clients in identifying and establishing a strategic trade compliance framework that maximizes resources and opportunities while reducing costs.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Healthchecks

We conduct FTZ Healthchecks to confirm that FTZ operations are compliant and that savings opportunities are optimized.

Trade Security Programs

We assist our clients in applying for participation in trade security programs, including CTPAT Trade Compliance and AEO, as well as conducting the annual testing and reporting the results.


We help our clients strengthen their compliance programs by providing general and topic specific training tailored to audiences’ knowledge level.

Mergers & Acquisitions Pre and Post Deal Due Diligence

We assess trade compliance risks prior to mergers & acquisitions activity and provide post-deal integration support for managing daily activities post-merger.



KPMG Trade Management On Demand

Learn more about our wide range of managed services to support high-volume process-driven trade tasks.

Learn more about our wide range of managed services to support high-volume process-driven trade tasks.

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