Trade Automation & Global Trade Management (GTM)

Trade automation and global trade management accelerate operations while enhancing visibility.  KPMG can help you take trade to the next level.

Troy Duncan

Troy Duncan

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

+1 314-244-4231

Frances Xing

Frances Xing

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

+1 267-256-1874

Rada Gaynullina

Rada Gaynullina

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

+1 305-542-9614


The KPMG Trade & Customs team is a leader in SAP GTS and Oracle GTM implementations and has deep industry experience working with and implementing other global trade management solutions (E2Open, Thomson Reuters, MIC, QAD Precision, etc.). The KPMG Trade & Customs team is uniquely positioned with both trade subject matter experts and automation specialists to help you to implement, integrate and grow your trade program. This means we are skilled at balancing the needs, and speaking the languages, of both IT and business.

Whether your trade department needs automation for a single trade process or a more holistic platform and solution, we can help you evaluate, select and implement the automated tool that will globally enhance compliance, streamline operations and maximize savings.

Driving Global Trade Management Automation

Trade Data & Technology

Global Trade Management System Evaluation & Selection Assistance

We can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your trade profile to assess your needs and identify the solution that will propel you to the next level.

Global Trade Management Design, Realization, Deployment & Test Support

We have the capabilities to guide you through the entire automation design and implementation process to ensure that your company’s needs are met.

Global Trade Management Post-Implementation Support and System Enhancements

Implementing a global trade management system is just the start – we can help fine tune your system so you realize its full benefits.

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

Our group of SAP specialists combine their knowledge of SAP ECC, Hana S4, GTS and trade to implement a long-term, integrated solution for trade management leveraging all available SAP GTS functionality FTA, Export, Import, Self-Filing, SPL Screening, special customs procedures (FTZ, IPR, OPR, PCC, Processing Trade, Licensing, etc.)

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Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM)

Our group of Oracle experts leverage their experience and expertise in the Oracle ERP and Supply Chain Suite (OTM, GTM, WMS, etc.) to help you design, implement and maintain your Oracle GTM system so that you have an integrated solution that fully automates your trade compliance process (classification, restricted party screening, FTA management, Export, Import, etc.) to support  your evolving needs.

Trade Automation Tools

Our suite of trade automation tools allows you to accelerate your implementation process and customize your automation experience to enhance your trade compliance profile and duty savings experience





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