Tariff Recovery & Mitigation

Minimizing tariff costs today and tomorrow is crucial. Through our sophisticated automation and extensive technical knowledge we help to simplify tariff elimination, recovery, and mitigation.

Irina Vaysfeld

Irina Vaysfeld

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George Zaharatos

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Chris Young

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We assist companies with identifying and implementing tactical approaches to eliminate, lower, and manage duty-spend so resources are more fully utilized.

Our services include:

Punitive Tariff Mitigation

We help mitigate the impact of trade remedy tariffs by developing an approach tailored for your business. We can help identify exclusions, drive duty refund efforts, and implement processes for proper use of exclusions.

Duty Drawback

Using our proprietary technology and tools, we help our clients implement duty drawback to assist in maximizing cash recovery.

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Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

We assist our clients in FTZ compliance, implementing and managing Foreign Trade Zones, allowing clients to increase compliance, defer duties, and realize potential savings.

Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

We provide full FTA program management services, from certification of origin solicitation to validating FTA claims.  Additionally, our professionals can support the entire FTA life-cycle, freeing critical internal resources.

First Sale for Export

We take a holistic view of your business to help achieve cost savings by reviewing vendor operations, conducting trainings, and identifying enhancements to help ensure First Sale programs meet CBP requirements.

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Non-US Tariff Mitigation

We drive duty-savings by teaming with our extensive global network to identify, implement, and manage tariff mitigation programs. 

Tariff Re-engineering

We can help your business achieve potential cost savings by identifying opportunities to modify product Harmonized Tariff Schedule (“HTS”) classifications. 

Operational Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing policies are strategically evaluated to align tax and customs payments and achieve potential cost savings, while complying with local regulations. 

Buy America, Buy American, and Trade Agreements Acts

We help our clients understand what’s required and how their role in the government supply chain impacts the qualification and certification approach. We team closely with stakeholders to map a process that meets business needs while keeping our clients eligible for these critical contracts.

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KPMG Trade Management On Demand

Learn more about our wide range of managed services to support high-volume process-driven trade tasks.

Learn more about our wide range of managed services to support high-volume process-driven trade tasks.

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