Tariff Mitigation Services

KPMG's Trade & Customs Services practice has deployed its professionals with proprietary data tools to help companies mitigate today's uncertain trade risks and find areas to fortify supply chains.

It is clear that today's multinational companies must act quickly in response to rapid shifts in modern global trade landscape. New tariff increases are being imposed on products from China, Mexico, Canada and others. Companies must learn to plan ahead in an uncertain trade environment.

Andrew Doornaert

Andrew Doornaert

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, KPMG US

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Elisha Herrmann

Elisha Herrmann

Senior Manager, Tax, KPMG US

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Supply chain tariff visibility
KPMG's Trade and Customs professionals can assist with tariff mitigation strategies and programs.
Data insights calm turbulent trade waters - A client story
Facing rapid shifts in the trade landscape, a global automotive supplier was feeling the impact of new Chinese steel tariffs from its suppliers and its customers.

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Preparing for 2020 – Planning ahead in an uncertain trade environment

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