Organizational tax transformation is complex.

Transforming your tax operations doesn’t have to be.


Tax Reimagined: what listening looks like.



Organizational transformation is complex. Transforming your tax operations doesn’t have to be.

Listen to discover. Lead with strategy. Enable through technology. Drive with data.

This is Tax Reimagined. 


We listen to discover. Lead with strategy. Enable through technology. Drive with Data.

In the world of tax transformation, one size doesn’t fit all.  You need a framework and enabling tax technologies that flex and adapt to suit your circumstances and objectives.

Tax Reimagined focuses on your vision, challenges, and operational priorities— whether it’s to deliver effective tax compliance, integrate technology to mitigate risk, leverage the power of data and analytics to harness revenues, or learn from peer-to-peer insights.



Transforming Your Tax Operating Model Journey - An Ignition Tax Webcast Series


Solutions to the issues that matter


How rethinking the rules of the road helped Uber create tax operational efficiencies.

“Uber wants a Tax technology advisor that will keep up with them in vision and daring, innovating alongside them as their business evolves.”

Brett Weaver, Uber Global Lead, KPMG Tax


How a meticulous assessment enhanced a legendary automotive company’s U.S tax operations.

“We examined everything and were able to deliver the framework for U.S. tax operations to match their global standards.”

Thomas Theodoropoulos, Partner, KPMG Tax


The Tax Reimagined approach 

You will work with our specialists and solution architects—from discovery to implementation—to meet your immediate and longer-term needs. We listen to your pain points and goals and then together, we create a solution that works for you today with the ability to evolve in the future. 

Observation: Discovering Opportunity

Strategize, plan, and discover ideas by creating a roadmap for improved operations.

Transformation: Challenging the status quo

Create tomorrow's tax workstream with lower compliance costs, improved risk management, and added value. 

Implementation: Partnering for the long haul

Structure and implement solutions so you can outsource, co-source, or deploy in-house resources.


Tax Matters for the CFO

Tax Matters for the CFO is designed to highlight top-of-mind tax issues for the CFO. Each topic covers critical tax information CFOs can leverage to help guide leadership toward decisions that add value and spur growth.

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