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Improving the Tax Function with Third-Party Software

Richard Cimino

Richard Cimino

Partner, Tax, KPMG US

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KPMG's Ignition team can help companies harness the benefits of third party tax technology to help them improve their tax function performance. A combination of knowledge and experience in both tax technical issues and leading technologies, our team works with you to strategize, customize, and implement leading tax applications to help improve operational efficiency and better manage risk. We work with a variety of technology providers such as Corptax, SharePoint, ONESOURCE, Longview, Hyperion Tax Provision, as well as integration with Microsoft suite products.  

Tax Enterprise Support Services
Our Ignition Tax teams can help you more efficiently and effectively access and deliver the source data you need for your tax processes, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on high-value activities.
Fixed Asset Transformation Services
Fixed asset intensive companies often spend inordinate amounts of time and effort capturing, validating, reconciling, and reporting fixed assets and related depreciation data. Read more on how KPMG’s Tax Ignition practice can help your company improve fixed asset processes that affect tax results.
Longview Tax Provision
Discover how KPMG's Tax Application Integration professionals can guide companies in a wide-ranging suite of Longview Tax Provision services, from implementation of the software into their tax function, to providing support through the entire life cycle.
Corptax Third-Party Software Systems Integration Services
Our Corptax-focused team can assist with the implementation of Corptax third-party software and provide support on the end-to-end tax compliance and financial reporting processes.
Improving Process with ONESOURCE Third-Party Tax Software
Using Thomson Reuters' ONESOURCE® third party software, KPMG professionals can help you discover the technological and tax issues that may be affecting your tax department, and how to understand how these issues can impact the reporting, compliance requirements, and internal controls across the tax lifecycle.
Microsoft SharePoint
A Web-based collaboration platform for business, Microsoft® SharePoint® can help companies improve knowledge sharing, document management, and task enablement across the business. Used effectively, SharePoint can also present a cost-effective and useful tax portal solution that can help boost your tax function's productivity and reduce risk.