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Working with you to effectively and efficiently comply with income and franchise tax regulations.

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Michael R. Deal

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Stay competitive and reach long-term business objectives

Constant legislative changes and inconsistent income and franchise tax regulations on state and local levels can result in undue complexity—and make effective and efficient compliance difficult.

KPMG's Income and Franchise Tax Services professionals, working with our State Tax Resource Network, provide you with timely access to tax insights and guidance to help address issues that may affect your competitiveness and ability to meet long-term business objectives.

With specialized knowledge—and strong working relationships with tax authorities in every state—our team offers a broad array of services to help you manage income and franchise tax issues you may encounter. From complex rulings to state tax audit assistance--and representation to tax advice on real transactions—we can help you effectively and efficiently comply with state income and franchise tax regulations.

Locating the right services for you

Utilizing a broad range of technology tools wherever possible, KPMG’s Income and Franchise Tax Services include:

Nexus analysis and voluntary disclosure
Analyzing current in-state activities and contacts to determine if a filing requirement exists and helping resolve any past exposures

Apportionment reviews
assisting with the determination of the appropriate methodology of apportionment and allocation of revenue using data analytics to capture information entered by other functions within the company’s ERP or other systems to help ensure the company is accurately complying with state apportionment rules that are changing on a daily basis

Return reviews
Analyzing previously filed returns, filing positions and business activities to identify potential overpayments of state income and franchise tax and under-utilization of state tax credits and net operating losses

Preparing state income tax estimates, extensions, annual returns and amended returns

Dispute resolution
assisting with state tax audits, as well as rulings requests to secure guidance

Credit and incentive reviews
identifying significant tax credits and incentives available for multistate operations

Restructuring and tax planning
assisting with improving structure from a statutory, organizational and cost perspective; analyzing a financial and operational situation or plan from a tax perspective

With offices coast to coast, KPMG Income and Franchise Tax Services professionals do business everywhere that you do.