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Making big decisions comes with the territory.

Ulrich Schmidt

Ulrich Schmidt

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Location Matters

Read this new report from The Tax Foundation - a comprehensive guide that shows how state corporate tax costs compare on a national scale.

Read this new report from The Tax Foundation - a comprehensive guide that shows how state corporate tax costs compare on a national scale.

Taking your business to new places? We'll help.

A global expansion or relocation project is one of the most difficult undertakings a company can make, involving big decisions, major investments of money and time, and risks of many kinds.

Find your destination

The KPMG Global Location and Expansion Services group was created to help companies locate and establish new operations around the world--designed around their business structure and approach, with sensitivity to their day-to-day operations.

Bringing together one of the largest globally directed, multidisciplinary groups of location and expansion professionals, we can assist with:

Location Analysis and Site Selection

Many organizations contemplate altering their operational footprint due to factors such as new market opportunities, rising labor costs, transportation access, real estate costs, and stress on employment markets, as well as tax reform and tariff considerations. We provide analysis of locations and physical sites to provide the necessary information to make the ultimate decision for relocation or expansion.

Business Incentives

States and many local communities rely on business incentives to stimulate investment and economic development. Our team assists with identifying the potential incentive benefits of expansion to a particular location and we can also assist with negotiating business incentives on your behalf. 

Tax Credits

Nearly all states offer some form of tax credits such as offsetting income/franchise taxes or other taxes for capital investment, job creation, employee training, research and development activities, and more. Our team has many years of experience in the federal and state tax credit environment and can help to identify, implement, and support compliance for federal and state credits to offset your organization’s tax liability.

Our services can be especially helpful  if you are:

  • Expanding, relocating, rehabilitating, or creating new facilities
  • Investing in machinery, equipment and other tangible personal property
  • Creating new jobs
  • Training new or existing employees
  • Consolidating or restructuring operations
  • Relocating C-suite leadership or divisional leadership
  • Entering new markets
  • Executing mergers and acquisitions
  • Conducting research and development activities

How do we work?

  • Our team has experience in a broad range of industries, and we confer with you to design an approach that addresses the strategic objectives and requirements of a facilities project. 
  • We can assist in all phases of the process, from site selection and logistic analysis to incentives and credits enhancement in all types of relocation, development or expansion projects.