Online bookkeeping and tax accounting services for small to midsize businesses, start-ups, and non-profits.

KPMG Spark is the online accounting service for small and midsized businesses providing bookkeeping, tax prep, and facilitating access to payroll services — where and when you need it.



KPMG Spark in a flash

Designed to help businesses, from startup to spin-off, save time and offer them the financial tools they need, when they need them, KPMG Spark is a software enabled service providing cash and accrual-basis tax accounting. Combining the latest technology and a team of accountants, we bring all of your tax accounting into a single platform, without the hourly fees and  long-term contracts traditionally charged by accountants.

Every customer gets a dedicated account manager, bookkeeper, and supporting team of accountants and CPAs that you can call, e-mail, or text message. All your accounting information can be accessed anytime on an online dashboard.

KPMG Spark
Supercharge your future
KPMG Spark
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How it works

A dedicated team of accountants that works for you

– Get paired with a professional accountant who will do all of your bookkeeping the way you like it

– Ask questions anytime via text, phone, or email

– Get insight and suggestions from experts on things like hiring employees, payroll, and structuring your business 

Access your information when and where you need

– Get access to a detailed dashboard with graphs and analytics

– See the financial health of your business in real-time

– Accessible from both desktop and mobile devices




Connect your bank and credit card accounts in seconds

– Syncing your accounts to our software lets banks automatically send your data to our software

– Accountants are given read-only access

– You protect your data behind 256-bit encrypted storage 



Simple monthly pricing plans for you to choose from

– Flat rate monthly pricing

– No hourly fees for services or consultation

– Rates only change if you decide to upgrade plans

– Scalable plans and pricing to support your business as it grows



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Timothy A. Stiles

Timothy A. Stiles

Partner and COO for KPMG Spark, KPMG US

+1 212-872-5955


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