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Modeling the changing U.S. international tax legislative and regulatory landscape

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The 2017 Tax Act was a game changer for many businesses—especially for multinational organizations as new tax concepts were layered on the existing tax system and had a significant impact on an organization's effective tax rate. Today, the landscape may become even more complicated with the enactment of the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2002" and potential adoption of other Biden administration tax proposals. Even the most experienced international tax practitioners can become mired in the complexity when evaluating the potential impact of these rules on a company's global operations.

The KPMG international tax reform analyzer can help.



KPMG international tax reform analyzer (ITRA) is an Excel-based tool that allows for extensive modeling of international tax rules with support from experienced International Tax professionals to help tailor modeling and identify significant planning opportunities. ITRA can help you with increased visibility into your global tax profile, the key drivers of your global effective tax rate, and what planning can be considered to potentially improve your tax position.

ITRA key features:

  • Powerful modeling capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Extensive scenario planning ability
  • High-impact outputs/visualizations
  • Regular updates reflecting latest technical developments


Latest ITRA Update:

Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax: ITRA Modeling Example

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Getting more from ITRA

Bridge file automation
ITRA's data requirements can be vast, especially for large and complex multinational organizations. Bridge file automation can ease the loading of data and make ITRA's capabilities even more agile.
Tax compliance connector - KPMG international tax reform analyzer
ITRA's tax compliance connector interfaces directly with third-party corporate income tax compliance tools, such as Corptax and Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Income Tax compliance software. Without this automated interface, multinational companies may experience gaps and inefficiencies in connecting their international tax calculations to completed tax forms.

ITRA-related tools

ITRA also links to other KPMG tax tools, providing a broader picture of the potential impact of tax reform, including:

KPMG PTEP Analyzer: Tackling complex PTEP attribute tracking and distribution ordering rules
The complex and evolving previously taxed earnings and profits (PTEP) rules have become the centerpiece of cross-border cash management and attribute tracking. Standalone or an add-on to ITRA, the KPMG PTEP Analyzer allows users to model distribution scenarios to understand the potential tax implications and facilitate decision-making.
KPMG Section 987 Model
Section 987 gain/(loss) calculations and related tracking of pools are complicated and time-consuming. The KPMG Section 987 Model helps clients understand the potential impact of Section 987 gain/(loss) transactions, support efficient tax return preparation, and make informed tax planning decisions. Outputs from the model can be used with ITRA, so client can take full advantage of ITRA's scenario planning capabilities.