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Achieving greater efficiency in transaction tax compliance.

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Mark Rems

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Animon Jose

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A proactive reporting approach

Reporting transaction taxes is not easy. Sales, use and excise taxes in a multijurisdictional environment or value-added tax (VAT) in an international environment can be a daunting task, especially for a corporate tax department trying to achieve tax savings while leveraging its staff. As demands for transparency continue to increase, efficiency and accuracy are vital to reporting. 

KPMG can help

Our KPMG Indirect Tax Technology team can help your company respond to increasing demands from the transaction tax compliance procedure, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Our experienced team of professionals can help you transition from reactive administrative support responses to a proactive strategic approach to meet compliance requirements and add value to your business.

Our approach is straightforward

Tax Reimagined with Thomson Reuters

Let KPMG provide insights to help steer your Thomson Reuters tax transformation projects.

Let KPMG provide insights to help steer your Thomson Reuters tax transformation projects.

We start by assisting in identifying your business’s needs, goals and objectives relative to transaction tax compliance and by understanding the flow of a business tax policy through the processing and reporting of transactions.

Next, we assist in a methodical assessment of the current processes affecting transaction taxes to determine how those processes align with the overall goals and objectives of the company.

The result? A carefully crafted business and functional requirements document that identifies future-state processes that bring the transaction tax objectives into alignment with the overall goals of your business.

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KPMG Indirect Tax Toolkit
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