Corporate Transactions: Global rewards in an age of disruption

Prevent corporate transaction headaches through timely resolution of complex tax issues.

In an age marked by digital disruption and economic challenges, corporate transactions (mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, IPOs and reorganizations) have become central to the business strategies of global companies. Unaddressed tax issues related to global reward programs can disrupt transactions or result in post-transaction problems that impact corporations acquiring, selling, reorganizing or divesting U.S. and international entities:

  • Special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)
  • Pre-IPO companies
  • Public and private companies

How KPMG can help

Since most transactions have tight closing deadlines, timeliness in raising issues to clients or targets is critical. The KPMG Global Reward Services team can help your company navigate the transaction process and support post-transaction activities. Our global cross-functional team focuses on the following key transactions-related rewards issues:

  • Equity and equity-based incentives
  • Structuring support
  • Section 280G golden parachute assistance and analyses
  • Section 409A compliance
  • Section 162(m) compliance
  • Closing and post-closing support

We can also continuously assist you through the evolution of your programs in response to changing business requirements and regulatory activities.



Download the slip sheet below to see how your corporation can better navigate the challenges of rewards tax issues to achieve timely transactions.


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