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Michael A. Bussa

Michael A. Bussa

Partner, Global Reward Services Leader, KPMG US

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Globalization, increasing governmental regulations, rapid technological advances and growing competition are transforming business around the world. The combination of these factors makes designing and administering effective and cost-efficient compensation and benefit plans increasingly complex—yet critically vital to a company’s ability to successfully compete and thrive in the global marketplace.

KPMG LLP’s (KPMG) Global Reward Services (GRS) professionals can help your organization meet the challenges associated with global employee reward program design, implementation, administration, tax effectiveness and compliance. Whether managing costs, improving performance, evaluating global aspects or attracting and retaining talent, KPMG’s experienced team can help your company throughout the life cycle of your total rewards program.

Some ways in which we can assist you include:

Compensation Consulting – Our professionals bring extensive experience with strategy, design and implementation of both executive and broad-based compensation programs, including tax implications to both the individual and the company. In addition to traditional benchmarking and salary structure advice, KPMG also focuses on the internal controls around compensation, considerations around performance metrics and your talent pool.

Talent, Learning & Development – We help companies in ensuring employee success through optimized education, training, performance management, succession planning, and strategic workforce planning programs. 

Equity Administration – Our professionals help organizations support the lifecycle of your award program to help with equity accruals, tax settlement, payroll reporting and reconciliation processes with your company and your share plan administrator.

Human Resources (HR) Technology – Leveraging the right HR technologies, processes and platforms to enhance productivity, efficiency and organizational insights serves to enhance competitive capabilities. KPMG offers high-quality technology to support a variety of HR functions including on-boarding, equity sourcing, business travelers, global payroll and more. KPMG’s proprietary software, Global Equity Tracker, supports incentive awards with over 145 countries tax rules and integration with major share plan administrators.

M&A Advisory – Our dedicated mergers and acquisitions (M&A) team supports acquisition and disposition tax and HR due diligence, structuring and integration strategies specific to global reward and other HR, compensation and benefits matters. Our comprehensive M&A services offer a full range of HR and benefits support globally.

Data & Analytics – Our approach to data & analytics (D&A) combines powerful technologies to help you identify and capture your data, perform analysis, and find the “story behind the data.” Our D&A services and technologies help drive efficiencies, enhance performance, mitigate risk and increase visibility across your organization.

Health & Welfare – With particular focus on the tax and regulatory aspects of Health & Welfare benefits, our team can assist with design, implementation and cost management strategies, to help improve productivity, educate employees and mitigate risk. 

Retirement – Our team provides consulting services related to plan design, compliance, opportunities to maximize retirement benefits, and consideration of cross-border impacts as you offer both qualified and non-qualified retirement plans to your global workforce.

Our service offering supports the life cycle of your total reward program with experienced professionals who have helped companies address each area to add value to your program strategy, administration and retention objectives of your organization.

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