Mobility Consulting

Developing policies and managing satisfaction are only part of  running a successful global mobility program.


Simplify your approach to global moves

Administering assignments, mitigating risk, improving employee satisfaction, addressing potential new operating environments resulting from reorganizations, and reducing assignment-related costs can add layers of complexity in managing global mobility programs.

For over 30 years, the KPMG Mobility Consulting Services team of experienced professionals has helped large and small multinational organizations in different industries, with varied requirements, better manage their globally mobile workers.

  • A wide range of services and support
  • Transform your program with KPMG
  • Think global, act local

A wide range of services and support

Our global team combines experience in global mobility, international human resources and tax professionals to offer administrative outsourcing services and support. Some of these include: 

  • Developing and enhancing policies and procedures and tailoring approaches to address specific global mobility challenges
  • Providing strategic and administrative support to global workforces to help improve compliance, cost effectiveness and return on investment
  • Designing services around the mobility life cycle:
    • Helping mobile employees get their global move underway (planning, relocation and immigration coordination)
    • Providing support during assignments (payment of allowances, payroll and shadow payroll support)
    • Coordinating destination services and getting employees home or on to their next location (discontinuing allowances, coordinating return relocation)

Transform your program with KPMG

Through our Global Mobility Transformation, we can help you incorporate leading practices in global workforce management. Our approach:

  • Provides broad and deep analysis that can lead to program design (or redesign) to better align organizational structures, communications, talent management initiatives and stakeholder requirements. 
  • Reviews global mobility policies for any new ideas or improvements including those in our Global Assignment Policies & Practices survey, which summarizes key mobility policy data with more than 600 participating organizations.

Think global, act local

  • As a part of the KPMG International network of member firms with offices in 146 countries, we help clients to “think global, act local”.  We may have a global reach but we also have local-market knowledge of business conditions and mobility issues to help global mobility programs succeed.
  • Talent mobility reimagined
  • Global Payroll Manager

Talent mobility reimagined

Talent mobility reimagined
Simplify your global talent mobility program with help from our KPMG Mobility Consulting Services team.

Global Payroll Manager

Global Payroll Manager
Our web-based platform allow you to better manage cross-border payroll compliance, management reporting, recharges, and internal control requirements on a real-time basis. Download to learn more.

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