KPMG LINK Global Payroll Manager

Automated reconciliations and instructions for all global compensation. 

Payroll and reconciliations are labor-intensive tasks in managing mobile employees. Automating instructions and reconciliations helps free time for more value-added tasks while helping to provide  timely, accurate employee payments.

The Global Payroll Manager can help with policy-driven, payroll-connected reconciliations, and payroll instructions that can automate manual reviews and helps increase accuracy. Dashboard analytics provide ongoing milestone tracking in real-time across your internal global payroll network.

KPMG LINK Work Force connects data across the platform allowing you to automatically share accurate pay and reconciliation data with all stakeholders, including employees. Direct connections and alliances with large payroll providers such as ADP provide fast, efficient data sharing of data across your vendor network helping enhance accuracy and provide accurate, globally minded year end reporting.

Here's how we can help:

  • Automated reconciliation: The only fully automated reconciliation process on the market
  • Payroll connection:  Two-way communcation with payroll means payments are accurate, timely, and efficient
  • Global reach: Full global reach and currency inclusion provide consistent service and automation in all locations
  • Workflow driven: Coordinated cutoffs and automated data feeds drive system workflow for fast, efficient instruction and reconciliation
  • Pay slips: Provides instructions for home and host payroll including split payroll items
  • Annual reporting: Standard year-end payroll reporting is easily transferred to needed stakeholders
KPMG LINK Global Payroll Manager
Our web-based platform allow you to better manage cross-border payroll compliance, management reporting, recharges, and internal control requirements on a real-time basis. Download to learn more.