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Equity and incentive compensation is key to retaining and attracting talent in today’s competitive market. Reward program lifecycle support with an experienced service provider will help support your organization. Governance, control, and transparency into your rewards program along with the appropriate communication, compliance, and automation of timely delivery is critical. 

The KPMG LINK Global Equity Tracker is a widely used application designed around your equity and incentive programs that gathers necessary data from KPMG LINK Work Force and your human resources, payroll and share plan administrators to provide full automation and real-time reporting to management and employees.

KPMG LINK Work Force connects data across platforms allowing you to automatically share incentive compensation data and information with your stakeholders and employees. With the largest community of connected share plan administrators, HR and payroll  providers, KPMG offers full automation bringing in key employee, reward, and compensation data combined with your company's tax policy to efficiently deliver and instruct payroll reporting, withholding and employee payments for your global reward program.

Here's how we can help:

  • Managing the process: Many of our clients have KPMG help manage the global equity tax process to alleviate your team of this effort and complexity from compensation planning to payout
  • Employee optics: Employee-centric, graphic reporting lets each individual participant know what they will receive as well as an estimate what they will owe with their personal tax return
  • Share Plan Administrator (SPA): Data from and to your SPA in real-time to help achieve timely settlement and delivery of awards
  • Automation when you need it: Tiered, scalable automation allows you to maintain control, outsource, or automate key components of your reward program cost effectively whether large or small
  • Global reach: Manage compliance over multiple years and countries with support for over 160 countries
  • Automated updates: Automated updates help manage your reward program for changes to legislation and regulations
  • HR and Payroll connection: Established APIs and integration with HR and payroll providers means that employee and payroll-related data is automatically and securely transferred.
Global Equity Tracker
Global Equity Tracker provides cross-border awards settlement and payroll tax calculation capability for a variety of equity and cash-based long-term incentive awards, with robust reporting to facilitate processes and review throughout the lifecycle of your reward program.

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