KPMG LINK Cost Projector

Financial modeling for cross-border moves and assignments.

Mobility isn’t cheap. With more programs looking for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, understanding total assignments cost is more important than ever.

For more than 40 years, the KPMG Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice has helped clients achieve clarity, create efficiencies, and successfully manage global mobility processes with a combination of tax expertise and specialized technology. 

KPMG LINK Cost Projector estimates the costs of long- and short-term assignments, permanent transfers, and business travel or commuter arrangements providing policy-based budgets and accruals within minutes. 


Take comfort in the accuracy of your numbers―system logic includes long-and-short term expatriate concessions, taxability, foreign tax credits and U.S.-based totalization agreements.


The system streamlines the preparation of cost estimates with a standard preparation workflow while configuration and policy and program-specific overrides allow you to easily tailor the projection to your unique needs.


Benefits of KPMG LINK Cost projector:


Globally minded and built



Logic for over 90 countries; 50 U.S. states, all Canadian Provinces, Swiss Cantons, and a generic country module give you the flexibility to prepare estimates for any home or host location.


Automated updates



All countries and their entry screens are updated at least once per year helping ensure that your results are up to date with the most current information available.


Workflow-based data entry  



 A 7-step workflow simplifies data entry while integrated online helps provides quickly accessible answers to questions along the way.



Custom data elements



Custom salary and allowance entry fields allow for the inclusion of unlimited custom elements as well as custom tax treatment


Detailed reports and analytics



Year-over-year, cumulative, and incremental costs can easily be reviewed along with trend and cost-based analytics.


Taxability and gross-ups



Built-in taxability guidelines, equalization types, and U.S. totalization agreements align treatment in both home and host countries including correct tax gross-ups.



Multi-currency reporting



Review estimates in home country currency, host country currency, or a third currency or a combination for home and host country reports.


Hypothetical tax calculator


Single-year hypothetical tax calculations are integrated into the system letting you easily calculate estimated taxes and net salary calculations for a single year.


Domestic moves



Use Cost Projector or the hypo tax calculator to estimate the cost of domestic relocations and hybrid or remote work arrangements.


Assignment rules and concessions



The system includes short- and long-term assignment logic for many locations allowing you to compute both home and host country tax liabilities accurately and simultaneously.


Batch process and reporting




Run multiple projections or report on multiple projections simultaneously using our batch input and reporting capabilities.


Compensation, rewards, and allowances sourcing



Source rewards compensation, annual salary increases, and changes to annual allowances to create detailed, multi-year estimates.



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Insights dashboard

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