KPMG LINK Cost Projector

Cost projection and ongoing cost containment.

Anna Wheeler

Anna Wheeler

Principal, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

+1 704-371-5241

Mobility isn’t cheap. With more programs looking for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, understanding total assignments cost is more important than ever.

The Cost Projection module of KPMG LINK Work Force is a calculation engine designed around your policies. It offers you insights into the overall tax program costs for both short and long-term assignments as well as business travelers, one-way moves, and permanent transfers. 

Workflow and policy combine to create a streamlined data entry and review process for projection creation. Simplified entry screens drive users through data entry and review leveraging data from KPMG LINK Work Force such as family demographics, assignment dates, and salary data as well as from vendors such as Mercer and AirInc. A standard report format further simplifies review providing both annual and total cost outlays.

KPMG LINK Cost Projector - New insights dashboard
The new dashboard allows you to visualize data for a unique set of moves offering insights into total tax costs, country locations, and allowance costs. Download our pdf to learn more.

Here's how we can help:

  • Policy based projections: Policy alignment, reimbursement option selection, and allowance structure mirroring provide accurate projections and accruals data
  • Taxability: Built-in taxability and U.S.-based totalization agreements align tax treatment in both home and host locations
  • Automation when you need it: Automated or manually driven projections based on your required level of control
  • Exception tracking: Exception tracking with in-line comments keep everyone up to date on what goes into total cost
  • Incremental costing: Standard incremental cost reports represents only the true cost of mobility, not standard pay items
  • Automated updates: Automatic updates considers changes in legislation and international tax law with updates to each country at least once annually
  • Multi-move types: Configurable settings allow you to perform projections for all mobile employees regardless or move type
  • New! Dashboard analytics: View trend reporting, total costs, and key locations at a glance.