KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager

Total support for move management.



Anna Wheeler

Anna Wheeler

Principal, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

+1 704-371-5241

Katherine Avery

Katherine Avery

Principal, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

+1 408-367-2237

You can feel it. The pace of business has accelerated. To drive your business forward, you need the right talent, in the right place – now. Today, more than ever, you need technology to effectively manage a globally mobile workforce – whether they’re digital nomads or traditional expats. You need a single source of truth that centralizes critical information for every type of domestic or global move you manage. 

KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager provides a complete platform that connects data from talent, recruiting, human resources, payroll, and global mobility so you can better manage your people, workforce, and talent strategies.  Bringing together this much data into a single location helps create better historical analytics while helping you prepare for future change.

It’s time that your technology did more to connect you to the objectives of your business and the needs of your employees.

Benefits of LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager include:


Focus on people

Lifecycle tracking lets you know where each employee is in the mobility lifecycle and better connects you with their needs at critical times, enhancing the end-to-end employee experience. Better serve your workforce by leveraging automated communication, employee-facing workflow, and just-in-time employee and program insight.

Manage it all

Centralized document management and expiration tracking, standard APIs, and connections to an ecosystem of 50+ global mobility systems provide the right support for mobility, the business, service partners, and mobile employees. Use this data to manage your vendors and streamline operations.


Think globally act locally

Location- or policy-specific nuances can be integrated allowing for unique workflow, communications, and reports to support your processes with local flare.  Automation helps move you and employee through your processes concentrating on unique employee needs, whether they’re on a beach in Tulum or on the Tundra in Alaska. 

Master the task

Lifecycle reminders, document expiration tracking, and integrated communications help keep you on track and reduce the risk that a step in your mobility process is overlooked. Proactive notifications and automated, logic-driven instructions help individuals stay on top of day-to-day tasks while keeping an eye on the future. 

Inform with data

Predict trends and leverage data to showcase global mobility’s role in broader, organizational objectives, like enhanced employee engagement, recruiting, talent retention, and ESG. And use insight-driven dashboarding to bring data from multiple sources together to manage the day-to-day and overarching story of your global mobility program.


Drive financial results

Understand your true costs by comparing policy-based cost estimates to actual costs for global moves. Further expand this data for accrual purposes and to gain insight into policy exceptions, policy health, and the changing needs of your mobile workforce.