KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager

Total support for move management.



Achim Mossmann

Achim Mossmann

Principal, Tax, KPMG LLP (US)

+1 732-666-1499

Anna Wheeler

Anna Wheeler

Principal, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

+1 704-371-5241

As talent becomes global and companies compete for the best global talent, mobility is being viewed as a talent enabler and critical component in creating an overall talent plan and consistent corporate culture.

Global workforce and talent management designed around the mobility lifecycle. With lifecycle enabled workflow, process documentation, policy control, and exception management, KPMG LINK Work Force’s mobility management module provides the thorough mobility management methodologies needed to bridge gaps between talent, recruiting, and human resources.

Designed around the mobility lifecycle, the module stores both home and host move data along with key contacts and services. Integrated policy parameters and process mapping align key global stakeholders and enable coordination of key employee and vendor touchpoints. This allows you to manage both traditional assignments and non-traditional moves in a single, globally consistent manner.

Here's how we can help:

  • Data monitoring and tracking: 350+ standard and user-defined fields of reportable data in a single location
  • Exceptions as a rule: Standardized, global exception monitoring and reporting
  • Calculation accuracy: Creates employee- and policy-specific cost estimates and payroll instructions
  • Error reduction and time management: Workflow automates processes freeing time for strategic, programmatic activities
  • Defined lifecycle: Lifecycle milestones help confirm all needed processes and tasks are completed before moving someone to the next phase of their move
  • Multi-move types: Track all traditional expats, short-term and long-term assignments, business travelers, and work anywhere arrangements in a single location with unique policy-specific processes and tasks
  • Employee experience: Mobile app integration provides the transparency and support employees need while on the move