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Almost all industries have qualified R&D activities and expenses. What is qualified for R&D Tax? How do you determine qualified research expenses? Are you getting the tax credits and expenses you deserve?

KPMG’s Research Credit Services practice includes local and national tax, accounting, engineering and technology professionals who specialize in helping companies potentially benefit from these tax incentives.

KPMG uses a tested methodology that is technology enabled to design a customized approach, based on your company and industry, potential IRS exam issues and risk profile, to efficiently collect, analyze and document your R&D activities, expenses and credits. This results in knowing you captured the tax benefits you are eligible for within the definition of this complex tax law.


Global tax credits and incentives
A holistic view of global financial incentive programs designed to stimulate actives such as research and development, investment spend, job creation, and sustainability efforts.
Section 45Q Credit for Carbon Oxide Sequestration
A nonrefundable income tax credit on a per-ton basis for carbon oxide that is captured and sequestered.
26% Investment Tax Credit for Waste Energy Recovery Property
This federal investment tax credit (ITC) provides a credit equal to up to 26% of expenditures incurred for waste energy recovery property.
Investment tax credit for combined heat and power
For Combined Heat and Power (CHP) property, the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 48 federal investment tax credit (ITC) provides for a two-tiered credit equal to up to 30% of expenditures, with no maximum limit.
The Low-Income Housing Credit
More than 3.2 million affordable rental housing units have been created since the low-income housing credit (LIHTC) was enacted in 1986 making the LIHTC program a very important source of funding for affordable housing in the United States today.
Meals and Entertainment Expenses
With 2017 tax reform, Congress took a bite out of the meals and entertainment deduction, but there are still opportunities for 100% deductibility. In particular, provisions in the recent stimulus bill allow 100% deductibility of business meals purchased from restaurants.
Research Credit Meals and Entertainment Services
Reimagining tax...combining KPMG's tax experience with IBM Watson's cognitive capabilities, discover corporate tax benefits and risk with greater confidence.
Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits
Employers are no longer able to deduct expenditures relating to the qualified transportation fringe benefits provided to their employees unless an exception applies.
IRC §179D deduction for energy efficient commercial building property
A deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot has been available to commercial building owners or lessees that install energy efficient property resulting in at least 50% energy savings compared to a baseline building.

Webcast: R&D Tax Credit 2022 Year in Review

Professionals from KPMG's Credit Services practice discussed the significant developments that came about in 2022 regarding the R&D tax credit and other tax treatment of R&D.

Professionals from KPMG's Credit Services practice discussed the significant developments that came about in 2022 regarding the R&D tax credit and other tax treatment of R&D.


Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Summary of Credit Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act
December 2022 | IRA credit provisions summarized by incentive type and includes tax benefit and dates

Capitalization Punishment: The New Rules of Section 174

February 17, 2022

Episode 03-2022 | Mandatory capitalization of R&E is here (for now). In this episode, we turn to this sleeper provision from the TCJA and unpack some of the international tax implications from the provision that might ripple through your financial statements and tax returns. [31:41]


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