Uber rethinks the rules of the road. Again.

KPMG’s flexible, listen-to-design approach extends a legacy of tax technology innovation.


In 2020, the worldwide business impact of COVID-19 in early 2020 surfaced seemingly irreconcilable priorities: How to maintain commitments to investment in tax technology that support Uber’s long-term growth, with shorter-term demands for rigorous cost management to protect liquidity. True to its “make-the-impossible-happen” history, Uber chose both. Find out how KPMG helped deliver value -- today, and for the Uber of tomorrow.

Client: Uber

Sector: Technology

Project: Global tax outsourcing

“ We didn’t want to have to choose between investment in technology innovation and operational savings.

With KPMG’s help, we were able to do both.”

François Chadwick, former VP, Finance, Tax & Accounting - Uber Technologies, Inc. 

Business Challenge

KPMG Response

 The Result

Supercharging technology excellence

Uber had effectively curated a center of tax technology excellence, of which it is justifiably proud. To take the company forward, Uber wanted a one-source advisor that could:

  1. amplify its own technology achievements;
  2. demonstrate fluency in advanced data, analytics, and reporting; and
  3. balance global tax perspective with local-market compliance execution.

Listen, learn, design                  

KPMG’s Tax Reimagined team listened closely, configured accordingly, and delivered rapidly.

The company’s core competency of tax technology innovation remains protected, its mission affirmed.

Complementary KPMG strengths in tax data compilation, analytics and reporting – configured to Uber’s requirements – act as digital force-multipliers and deliver cost efficiencies.


Value delivered today, for the Uber of tomorrow

Uber Tax has strengthened its value creation role within the enterprise and to the C-suite.

And while the immediate benefit of the Uber-KPMG relationship is a Tax operations model optimized for efficiency and compliance effectiveness today, the parallel focus is value for the Uber of tomorrow. 




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