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Technology in the tax function

Compiled with Forbes Insights, read our new CTO Study addendum report that reveals the degree that CTOs are using advanced technologies in their tax functions to focus on technology-driven transformation to keep pace with the rest of the organization.



Tax functions need high-tech tools

Read Compliance Week's recent article on KPMG's CTO Outlook Study to see how chief tax officers are planning on investing in new technologies in order to greater accuracy and more bandwidth for staff to focus their efforts on more value-added tasks.



Blockchain and the future of tax

Tax professionals may need to embrace blockchain and the potential uses of distributed ledger technology beyond cryptocurrency. From developing tax strategies to claiming potentially available R&D credits, discover how blockchain is helping to reimagine tax.

Introducing KPMG research credit services with Watson

A New Way to Uncover R&D Tax Credit Opportunities

With the ability to review and analyze thousands of documents with speed and accuracy—without increasing human labor—KPMG can reliably and comprehensively validate your company’s R&D activities, possibly discover unknown credits, and quickly complete robust IRS deliverables. By embracing this offering, companies with ongoing R&D potentially benefit from improved cash flow, reduction in tax liability, and increased EPS while simultaneously enabling their human resources to focus on strategic work.

Driving faster, more accurate and more beneficial tax decisions

KPMG has built the first AI-powered platform with Watson to specifically help clients secure the R&D Credits they deserve. Discover how this cognitive platform can potentially help companies improve the outcome in capturing income tax credit subsidies for their research and development investments.

Thomson Reuters announces winners of fourth annual Tax Technology Awards

Thomson Reuters honored Joe Habak, Tax Senior Manager, Technology Solutions at KPMG Ignition, with its Taxologist Award in the Certified Implementer Program category. This award recognizes tax professionals who excel in enhancing tax function effectiveness and driving significant value to their organization together with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE.

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