Tax Reimagined 2021: Perspectives from the C-suite

Tax functions need to evolve—and C-suite leaders know it.

What do C-level executives see as the biggest emerging tax-related issue facing their organizations? How are tax functions adapting to regulatory scrutiny, sweeping tax changes around the world, and the growing attention to ESG issues? What technology should organizations invest in for transformation? What new skills do their tax professionals need to drive efficiency and bring greater value?

To provide perspective on these questions, we fielded a survey of 300 C-suite executives from companies with at least $1 billion in revenue who make or influence decisions at their organizations.

The survey uncovered the following major themes around how C-suite leaders view and use tax functions and where further investment in the tax function could benefit their organizations:


The predictive power of tax data: 
Data and analytics have become vital to every business function, and tax is no exception.


Investing in tax technology: 
Emerging technologies can help the tax function perform its tasks faster and better.


Who to hire: tax experts or tech gurus? 
C-suite leaders have high expectations of their employees.  


Meeting ESG demands
ESG issues increasingly are commanding the attention of C-suite leaders.

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“Many business leaders aren’t using their tax data to its full potential and are therefore missing an opportunity to gain insights and add value.” 

- Greg Engel, Vice Chair-Tax, KPMG LLP



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