Tax in today's complex M&A market

When a transaction is being considered, tax leaders should have a seat at the table from day one


M&A transactions follow a fluid process. Each deal has its own objectives, progresses from the initial plan in often hard-to-predict ways, and requires different activities at different moments.

We believe it is critical to overall deal success for the Chief Tax Officer (CTO) to have a seat at the table from the outset and to ensure they are part of the conversation from due diligence through integration and exit. An effective tax deal team—led by an experienced CTO—knows how to read both sides of the deal and assess what’s needed and when.

Our new report, Tax in today’s complex M&A market, highlights tax implications across the deal process and the role tax functions are playing. We also discuss approaches for streamlining deal execution and how proposed legislation both in the United States and globally is adding to the complexity of transactions. 

The CTO perspective on transactions


of CTOs say tax issues related to M&A are growing in number and complexity.


of CTOs describe their organization as having a high M&A appetite with tranactions that would have a significant impact on their organization


of CTOs feel their team’s connectivity to M&A transactions is high 

*2022 CTO Outlook