KPMG Reports on U.S. Tax Reform

Analysis and observations on the implementation of the 2017 U.S. tax law

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KPMG's Tax Reform: Developments & Analysis Guide, a web-based index, makes it easy to locate post-TCJA enactment developments, resources, and reports (as released in TaxNewsFlash-Tax Reform) by topic in one place.

The 2017 U.S. tax law made massive changes to the taxation of individuals, businesses in all industries, multinationals, and others. Plus, it has generated hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of guidance from the Treasury and the IRS—with much more yet to come. KPMG reports about the law and its implmentation and  KPMG's Tax Reform Developments & Analysis Guide, where you'll find this information by topic, can help you keep on top of the process and make sense of the ongoing guidance. 


KPMG's Summary Reports on the New Tax Law


Tax Reform – KPMG Report on New Tax Law

February 6, 2018 | Includes analyses and observations regarding the myriad tax law changes in H.R. 1, signed into law by President Trump on December 22, 2017. The legislation includes substantial changes to the taxation of individuals, businesses in all industries, multinational enterprises, and others.

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Links for hard copy report holders

The above PDF version of KPMG's report includes links to background and resource documents. If you have a hard copy of the report, the text of these linked documents is in blue type. To access these materials, use the links below.

Page 3

TaxNewsFlash–Tax Reform

TaxNewsFlash–United States

Page 10

House GOP "Blueprint"

Unified Framework on Tax Reform

KPMG's description and analysis of the House-passed bill

Page 11

KPMG's description and analysis of the Senate-passed bill

KPMG's Conference Agreement for H.R. 1 – Initial Observations

Page 13

KPMG International, Tax Rates Online

Page 21

H.R. 1 (text of the tax bill)

Conference agreement (explanatory statement)

JCX-67-17 (JCT estimates of the budget effects of the conference agreement on H.R. 1)

JCX-69-17 (Macroeconomic Analysis of the Conference Agreement for H.R. 1)

JCX-68-17 (Distributional Effects of the Conference Agreement for H.R. 1)

Page 171

Tax Reform, Supplement to KPMG's Handbook for Income Taxes

KPMG Insights on JCT Explanation of New Tax Law ("Bluebook")

20 Questions about Technical Corrections

FAQs about technical corrections legislation and the 2017 tax act

Tax Policy & the 116th Congress

What's the tax policy outlook under the new, "divided" Congress?

TaxNewsFlash – Tax Reform in the United States

Get the latest on what's happening as tax reform implementation continues