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Andrew Siciliano

Andrew Siciliano

Partner, Trade & Customs Lead, KPMG US

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Transfer Pricing and Trade Compliance Survey
Tax and trade compliance departments are regularly juggling competing priorities. To help benchmark current practices, KPMG conducted a market survey. Nearly 120 companies responded providing information about trade implications caused by transfer pricing adjustments within their organization.
2019 Tariff Survey Infographics
How are tariffs impacting organizations? Over 100 trade and operations professionals share their insights.
Duty drawback industry benchmarking
This survey gauges the impact of Duty Drawback as a mechanism to recover increased punitive tariffs by section 201 and 301 as well as the effect of regulatory changes enacted by the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act.
Trade Enforcement Survey 2018 
This report provides the finding of how industry peers are prepared for, or managing, U.S. Customs and Border protection reviews and audits.
First sale for export retail industry benchmarking
This report provides the findings of the FSFE Survey conducted by KPMG in 2018.

2017 Global Trade Management Survey

The 2017 Global Trade Management Survey is a collaborative effort between KPMG’s Global Trade & Customs practice and Thomson Reuters. Now in its third year, the survey uncovers what matters most to global trade practitioners.

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Indirect Tax Benchmarking 2018

A snapshot of the structure, governance and performance measures of indirect tax and trade compliance departments.

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