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Kshipra Thareja

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Having to respond to what could be the fastest social change in modern times, companies worldwide enabled remote workforces nearly overnight. What started as an extraordinary “work anywhere” pilot is now considered permanent in many organizations’ operating model framework. As a result, the new reality is a world where we focus on the work, instead of where it happens. We describe this transformation as, “Work anywhere, together.” It’s the new reality of work.


The remote work trend has accelerated the need for the evolution of global mobility. Companies that react and adapt quickly will find business as usual, while others may struggle.

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Key business drivers

  • Talent
  • Risk Management
  • Flexibility
  • Business alignment
  • Cost management
  • Employee experience

What are the key considerations for work anywhere?

  • Income tax and social security
  • Immigration and employment law
  • Regulatory and licensing considerations
  • Change management
  • Health and safety
  • Corporate tax/permanent establishment
  • Talent management
  • Employment tax and payroll tax

What are we hearing from the market?


of U.S. workers say they would turn down a job that did not offer flexible working1


of the workforce will be working from home by 20222


of remote employees say remote work increases their productivity/focus3

$ 7+ trillion

to be invested in making work digital by 2023

A 50% increase in remote work could lead to over


in savings annually per employee4


Bring "Work anywhere, together" to life

Strategy & policy: A clear documented strategy that aligns with your overall business and talent strategy while minimizing organizational risk.

Structure: An organizational structure that allows you to operate in a tax compliant manner, anticipating global and local compliance requirements.

Compliance & process: An automated process to assist with managing complex global tax and regulatory requirements based on employee location, value and service considerations.

Risk & data analytics: Detailed cost analysis of the operating model, risk assessment and quantification and measure of return on investment.

Change management: Deliberate and considered approach to initiating change and managing transformation.





Next steps: focus on work, not where you work!

We’re witnessing an accelerated evolution…from global mobility—to global immobility—to the new reality of working from anywhere. "Work anywhere, together" is an employee-centered approach to supporting the transition from “working  from home” to working anywhere in the world. Let us help you explore if this might be right for your organization.


Work anywhere, together
Download our interactive pdf to help guide you through the framework for "Work anywhere, together".

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