Vendor integration and alignment

Embark on an integrated aligned vendor experience.

Kshipra Thareja

Kshipra Thareja

Managing Director, Tax, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

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Joseph Gulino

Joseph Gulino

Managing Director, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

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William P. Barron

William P. Barron

Partner, Global Mobility Services, KPMG LLP (US)


  • As your organization adapts to the new demands of remote working, are your systems struggling to operate seamlessly across geographies and time zones? 
  • Do your organization’s vendor systems such as HR, payroll, travel, tax, immigration, and relocation operate in silos?
  • Do your employees feel like they are being handed off from one vendor to another, repeating the same information, without knowledge transfer?


If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes!”, you are not alone! A number of companies with increasingly flexible work policies are dealing with these issues.

Expectations are rising for an employee’s interactions with their employer and associated vendors to be a consumer-like experiences. However, when you are buying services one at a time, how do you integrate them and make interactions relevant, efficient, and cost-effective rather than duplicative and siloed? 

As you work on transforming workforce policies, make it a priority to bridge these gaps so you can move from the picture on the left to the one on the right.

Create a best-in-class experience…

Our comprehensive approach to vendor integration and alignment will dramatically improve your employees’ experience while identifying cost and process efficiencies and will allow your people to focus on your business rather than your vendors.

Reduce employee touchpoints

Start with a closer look at current processes to identify vendor integration opportunities to reduce employee touchpoints.

Eliminate cost and redundacies

Next, identify vendor data integration opportunities that will eliminate cost and process redundancies.

Promote operational excellence

Finally, designing and delivering a streamlined solution which will promote operational excellence and enable real-time vendor feedback to confirm that your employees' experience is great.