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KPMG knows how important it is to stay current on global indirect tax developments, especially in countries where you currently do business or are looking to expand. That's why we developed Inside Indirect Tax: Global Updates from a U.S. Perspective.

Focusing on major indirect tax developments beyond U.S. borders,Inside Indirect Tax is designed for U.S.-headquartered tax professionals whose companies do business outside the United States.

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  • Global rate changes in Ghana, Kenya, and Venezuela
  • Indirect tax updates in the Americas
    • United States: Call tracking and monitoring services not subject to sales and use tax in Texas
    • Brazil: New tax offsetting regulations published
    • Canada: Proposed amendments to GST holding company rules
  • Indirect tax updates in Europe, Middle East, and Africa
    • Angola: Draft VAT law published for consultation
    • Belgium: Proposal to introduce optional VAT for immovable property rental
    • Belgium: New VAT penalty regime introduced
    • Czech Republic: Supreme Administrative Court clarifies burden of proof for intra-EU zero-rating
    • European Union: ECJ clarifies when branch constitutes a separate taxpayer
    • Switzerland: Mail order VAT rules finalized
    • United Kingdom: Updated fulfillment house guidance published
    • United Kingdom: Guidance in case of no Brexit deal
  • Indirect tax updates in Asia Pacific 
    • Australia: Guidance on when a sale of real property is connected with Australia
    • India: Retained issuance charges on lapsed reward points are subject to GST
    • India: Advance ruling authority clarifies when post sales discounts can be taken into account when determining sales value
    • India: GST return filings clarifies
    • Malaysia: New sales and services tax regime implemented
  • Trade & Customs
    • India: AEO-T1 application simplified
  • Additional developments covered in brief - Argntina, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, European Union, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Peru, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

Inside Indirect Tax - September 2018

Global indirect tax changes and trends

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