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Global Reward Services Alerts reports on trends and developments that affect multinational organizations' compensation and benefit programs.

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Global Rewards Services Alerts

How the Secure Act is changing retirement savings for employers and individuals
The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act was signed into law on December 20, 2019. This new law includes various provisions aimed at expanding and preserving retirement savings.
Proposed regulations released addressing section 274 deduction limitation
The Treasury and IRS release regulations addressing the section 274 deduction limitations for meal and entertainment expenses as well as reflecting amendments made by the TCJA.
Section 280G: Golden parachute payments
When a corporation undergoes a change in control, section 280G disallows a deduction for any excess parachute payments paid to a disqualified individual.
Notice 2019-18: Lump Sum Window for Annuity Retirees
Notice 2019-18 provides that Treasury and IRS no longer plan to amend the required minimum distribution regulations under section 401 (a)(9) to prohibit offering a lump sum benefit to retirees currently receiving annuities payments.
IRS offers limited expansion of determination letter program
Revenue Procedure 2019-20 provides for a limited expansion of the determination letter program for certain individually designed retirement plans.
Notice 2018-71: Guidance on employer credit for paid family and medical leave
This article focuses on notice 2018-71 which provides guidance regarding the employer credit for paid family and medical leave under Section 45S.
Notice 2018-76: Transitional guidance on deductibility of business meal expenses
This article discusses the IRS released Notice 2018-76 on the deductibilty of expenses for certain business meals under section 274
Tax Reform and 162(m)
This slip sheet focuses on section 162(m) and its potential implications on performance-based compensation.
New law takes a bite out of deductions -
This article discusses the numerous deductions that the H.R. 1 limits or eliminates.
Summary of expenses subject to section 274 limits and disallowances -
This article is a table showing limits and disallowances.
A new paradigm for equity deferrals in private companies - Section 83(i) elections -
This article discusses the challenges that private companies face by the illiquid nature of their equity when recruiting and retaining talent.
H.R. 1 section 162(m) changes and tax provision review implications -
This article discusses the recently enacted H.R. 1, which includes several significant changes that impact the section 162(m) deduction limitation for compensation paid to named executives of publicly traded companies.
Revisions to section 162(m) bite as hard as they bark -
This article discusses the recently signed H.R. 1, which makes several sweeping changes to section 162(m). This alert summarizes those changes and the potential impact on publicly held corporations that maintain incentive-based compensation programs and similar arrangements for their key employees and executives.
The Potential Tax Reform Impact on under the House Ways and Means Committee’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act on Various Compensation and Benefits Related Programs
This article discusses significant changes the TCJA proposes to compensation and employee benefit arrangements as well as significantly expanding the compensation and benefit deduction limitations under sections 162(m) and 274.
BEPS Action 7, the Changing Definition of Permanent Establishment: A Guide for HR & Mobility Professionals
This article provides some general background on permanent establishment and how the changes in Action 7 can affect the HR and Mobility functions.
Umbrella Section 162(m) Compensation Arrangements Provide Design Flexibility While Preserving Deductions
This article discusses the plan design of performance-based incentive compensation paid to covered employees of public corporations and how it can be challenging to accommodate flexibility in plan design while also preserving tax deductibility under Code Section 162(m).
Is The Free Lunch Really Free? Tax Issues When Providing Employee Meals
This article discusses the potential tax issues for an employer when providing employer-provided meals to their employees.
Employers face the realities of a location-flexible workforce
This article discusses the some of the key tax-related issues of flexible arrangements across multiple tax jurisdictions.
U.S. Country-by-Country Reporting Rules
This article discusses the HR/mobility aspects of Action 13 – Country-by-Country and its impact on U.S.-headquartered companies.
New overtime rules affect millions
On December 1, 2016, new overtime rules under te Fair Labor Standard Act will take effect and will change the way employers manage many of their employees.