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Jeffrey C. LeSage

Jeffrey C. LeSage

Americas Vice Chairman, Tax, KPMG US

+1 212-872-2100

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Hear from tax executives discussing top-of-mind issues, opportunities, and challenges in their role.

We capture the practical issues CTOs address daily—tax function operating models, cross-border tax implications, tax data management—and deliver the perspective you need to seize opportunities and overcome challenges in the fast-changing environment of tax.

Each video is less than three minutes, giving you the information you need without taking up the time you can’t afford.


The Challenge of Communicating Tax

Get tips for conveying complex tax issues to other members of the business.




Read the latest edition of CTO Insights

In this edition of CTO Insights, we discuss the CTO dilemma to plan ahead or wait and see, modeling amid uncertainty, and unlocking operational excellence through data and technology. 





Evolving Tax Function Operating Models

Hear how CTOs are optimizing their operations with technology, outsourcing, and co-sourcing. 

The Tax Data Revolution

Learn how emerging technologies influence the tax department and ultimately, the business itself. 

The Tax Function of the Future

Tax departments are evolving at light speed with emerging technologies and essential personnel. 


The Development of Talent in the Tax Function

Listen to how CTO's are managing talent in their businesses.



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