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Helping corporations create more value with each transaction—every step of the way.

Gordon Warnke

Gordon Warnke

Principal in Charge, Complex Transactions Group, KPMG US

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Mergers. Acquisitions. Divestitures. Spin-offs. Capital financing.

Achieving the full expected value of your company’s major transactions is crucial to future success. And you’re probably spending countless hours and dollars chasing that value. However, you may be overlooking a key piece of the puzzle: The tax implications of the deal.

That’s where KPMG’s Complex Transactions Group comes in. We help multinational corporations and investor groups manage their transaction’s tax profile to achieve the deal value they expect—and often more. 

Potential benefits

KPMG’s Complex Transactions Group has overseen numerous front-page transactions - our clients benefit from our help in:  

– Realigning global business operations to obtain a more competitive overall effective tax rate

– Harmonizing global tax management with future business model development

– Identifying and managing tax risk

– Understanding the impact of the latest tax policy developments


The KPMG way

Our coordinated team of professionals from throughout the KPMG Tax function are deeply experienced in the key issues that might arise from your deal, such as: 

· setup and post-acquisition structuring
· shareholder impact
· valuations
· transfer pricing
· compensation and benefits
· location planning
· credits and incentives
· capital and transfer tax planning  
· base erosion and profit shifting
· state and local tax planning


Working with you from the very beginning—before a deal is announced, or even considered—we’ll help you plan for and resolve these issues within the transaction structure to enhance return on even the most large-scale, complex deals.


Get in touch to find out how we can help your company achieve greater tax efficiencies from your deal.

Buying or selling a business or a major asset. Implementing a restructuring,merger or joint venture, or a capital financing or investment transaction.Completing a spin-off. These are just some of the transactions organizationspursue in order to create, enhance, or preserve value. The question is:How can you be sure a deal will achieve the full value you expect froma tax perspective?