2023 Personal Tax Planning Guide

The KPMG 2023 personal tax planning guide supports year-end tax planning and helps you plan for the year ahead.

Prepared by professionals from the Washington National Tax office, the KPMG 2023 Personal Tax Planning Guide provides information and planning tips to help you make sense of the complex and ever-evolving array of U.S. federal tax rules affecting individuals and their closely held businesses. Each chapter in this guide includes a brief overview of tax rules and planning tips that might be relevant to you.

What's New


A new section in the investment-related tax issues chapter to simplify the tax treatment of cryptocurrency transactions


A new derivative transactions section to address monetizing gains, mitigating risk, generating yield, and gaining exposure


New content on the wash sale rules–disallowing stock or security sale losses if you buy substantially identical stock or securities within 30 days before or after sale date


An update on state legislation for bypassing the $10,000 limitation for the state and local tax deduction


Excess business loss limitation update


New links for accessing relevant Family Office webcast replays and articles

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