SAP GTS – Identity-based Preference Processing (IBPP)

Webcast overview

As Global trade technology advances, is your company implementing the latest tools available when it comes to preference processing? Mitigating tariffs is an integral part of most trade compliance programs as the costs of importing have dramatically increased. For many companies, Free Trade Agreements (“FTA”) drive the majority of savings. However, when products are sourced from multiple countries, determining FTA eligibility can be challenging. SAP GTS Identity based preference processing (IBPP) can maximize FTA savings by enhancing visibility at all stages in the supply chain, it enables the importer to track production and determine qualification at a level that provides more accurate and consistent results.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) is pleased to invite you to a TradeWatch webcast where our professionals from Trade and Customs Global Trade Technology team will take you through Identify Based Preference Processing in SAP GTS.

As part of this webinar, KPMG’s GTS experts will walk through:

  • What is IBPP
  • Business benefit for implementing GTS IBPP
  • IBPP process deep dive
  • How to ensure a successful implementation


Frances Xing

Frances Xing

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

Featured Speakers

Jacob Denzer

Jacob Denzer

Manager, Trade & Customs, KPMG US