How Oracle GTM Supports Free Trade Agreement Programs

Webcast overview

With an increasing number of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and benefits associated with the movement of goods within territories of preferential agreements, more and more companies embark on the journey of automating their FTA processes in an effort to pursue their operational efficiencies and cost savings opportunities. 

In this webcast KPMG global trade technology professionals will outline major challenges faced by companies in the area of supplier solicitation management, FTA qualifications, and customer statement issuance and provide their insights from extensive implementation experience on how Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) can support FTA challenges. Along with some significant improvements in the area of supplier solicitation and BOM qualifications offered by Oracle, they will share examples of innovative solutions and advanced capabilities built within the solution to take full advantage of FTA programs, including:

  • Leverage GTM campaign management functionality and extended workflows and reports to seamlessly and effectively manage supplier solicitations
  • Utilize BOM qualification capabilities to qualify products before creating a transaction and integrate qualification results into the customs filing process
  • Generate robust customer reports and forms for filing purposes.

This webcast will be of greatest interest to trade and technology professionals who are considering ways to increase supply chain efficiency, reduce risk and explore costs savings opportunities.


Rada Gaynullina

Rada Gaynullina

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, Global Trade Technology, KPMG US

Featured Speakers

Manoj Bhalerao

Manoj Bhalerao

Director, Tax - Trade & Customs, KPMG US