Meeting the Expectation of Trade in Today’s World - The New Reality

Webcast overview

We are in uncharted territory. Trade leaders are navigating the impacts of shifts in supply chain, multi-layered geopolitical issues and COVID-19. Now is the time to discuss the “new normal” and what options businesses have to transform their trade function.

Join KPMG's Trade & Customs team along with John Fusco, Director - International Trade Compliance from Carrier Corporation, a multinational industrial manufacturer, for the first in a 2-part series as we talk through a methodology to assess and redefine the trade function while identifying areas best suited for outsourcing, co-sourcing and in-sourcing.

Hear about KPMG’s approach to trade management on demand as we discuss the following topics:

  • The on-going balancing act to drive financial value and flexibility into operation investment;
  • How operating models can shift to accommodate the drive toward expanded global coverage and expertise;
  • Strategic optimization, how the trade function can better support your company’s core mission by outsourcing low value add processes, such that internal resources can be redirected to the company's core operations; and
  • Considerations in selecting the right long-term partner.

The leaders of trade functions need to think differently and find new approaches to be faster, smarter, and more scalable to meet the current challenges head-on.  As the saying goes, doing things the same way over and over leads to the same results – but things are no longer the same.

Are you prepared?


Douglas Zuvich

Douglas Zuvich

Partner, Trade & Customs, Global Practice Leader, KPMG US

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Gisele Belotto

Gisele Belotto

Principal, Trade & Customs, Managed Services Leader, KPMG US

Chris Young

Chris Young

Principal, Trade & Customs, KPMG US