Update on Tariffs: How leading companies are responding
Update on Tariffs: How leading companies are responding

Update on Tariffs: How Leading Companies are Responding

Webcast Overview:

Now, and possibly more than ever, it is critical to be tuned into the geo-political topics that are impacting the direction of global trade and the implementation of punitive and retaliatory tariffs. Companies should consider how to react to these developments: Is a narrowly defined short-term solution aimed at easing the present potential economic impact the appropriate approach, or is it more appropriate to revisit the supply chain design with a view towards seeking a competitive advantage, or both?

KPMG LLP’s Advisory and Trade professionals and the Eurasia Consulting Group’s Chief Strategist explored the geo-political landscape affecting trade and discussed the elements of a robust business plan to help address this time of uncertainty.

Specifically, the Webcast addressed:

  • Leading geo-political matters affecting trade such as U.S. relations with other countries
  • Analysis of the potential future direction of trade and the longevity of tariffs
  • Planning considerations to mitigate the potential impact of tariffs
  • Key business planning considerations that can create a competitive advantage
  • Balancing the need to take action with uncertainty.

We look forward to you listening to the replay as we cover this rapidly evolving topic and how leading companies are responding.

This Webcast will be of significant interest to anyone concerned with potential the impact of trade and tariffs on their business, their stakeholders or their bottom line, including CEOs, CFOs, controllers, group presidents, and trade and tax executives.


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Jerry Thompson

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