First sale for export: Duty mitigation in a trade sanction world

Aug 01, 2018 02:00

Webcast Overview:

The First Sale for Export (First Sale) Principle has been in place for many years as a duty savings strategy for U.S. importers, primarily in the U.S. apparel, footwear, and accessory retail space. More recently, however, given the activity that has resulted in higher tariffs on a wide variety of products being imported into the U.S., First Sale is growing in popularity as a tool to mitigate those higher duties across multiple industries.

Please join KPMG LLP’s Global Trade professionals to learn about implementing the First Sale Principle in an expedited manner as part of your company’s duty mitigation strategy. More specifically, we focused on how companies implement and manage First Sale programs, and how companies that typically do not utilize First Sale are embracing the program on products not traditionally impacted by high tariffs.

In addition, KPMG’s Trade professionals discussed the findings of its 2018 First Sale client benchmarking initiative, including:

  • Initial feasibility and confidentiality concerns
  • Implementation process and timing
  • Savings trends
  • Overall participation in the program
  • CBP enforcement
  • Risk mitigation

This Webcast is of significant interest to import and export compliance and trade professionals and executives.


Irina Vaysfeld

Irina Vaysfeld

Principal, Trade & Customs Practice, KPMG (US)

James Mulvehill

James Mulvehill

Senior Manager, Tax, KPMG (US)