Topics You Should Be Discussing with Your Head of Tax – Life Sciences Industry

A current look at life sciences industry trends and their tax implications

Christine Kachinsky

Christine Kachinsky

Life Sciences Tax Industry Leader, KPMG US

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Anthony Castellanos

Anthony Castellanos

Partner and National Tax Industries Leader, KPMG US

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Podcast overview

What’s happening in the life sciences industry that may have significant tax implications for your company’s decision-making? In this podcast, Tony Castellanos, Tax Industry Leader for KPMG LLP (KPMG), and Christine Kachinsky, KPMG Life Sciences Tax Industry Leader, examine three current trends in the industry and how they translate into tax issues that CFOs at life sciences companies may want to discuss with their head of tax, including:

  • New investments in research and development
  • Digital transformation throughout the enterprise
  • Active M&A environment.