1099 Reporting Reminders

KPMG IRW Coffee Break, Episode 01-2022 | A review of important reminders related to the upcoming Form 1099 reporting period

Laurie Hatten-Boyd

Laurie Hatten-Boyd

Principal, Information Reporting & Withholding Tax, Washington National Tax, KPMG US

Elis Prendergast

Elis Prendergast

Managing Director, Information Reporting & Withholding Tax, KPMG US

+1 212-954-1968

Podcast overview

Grab a cup of coffee and take a quick learning break with Laurie Hatten-Boyd, and Elis Prendergast.

This episode reviews important reminders for the upcoming Form 1099 reporting period including current reporting deadlines, extension dates, and changes to the associated procedures. 

The IRW Coffee Break podcasts, brought to you by KPMG Washington National Tax (WNT) professionals who specialize in information reporting and withholding (IRW) , feature a range of topics, including recent tax developments, compliance reminders, and current compliance issues facing the industry.  Your feedback is very important. If you have comments on this podcast or have ideas about topics to cover in future episodes, please use the feedback button:

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