Cayman Islands CRS Compliance Form

KPMG IRW Coffee Break, Episode 06-2021 | Discussions on the completion of the Cayman Islands CRS Compliance Form

Danielle Nishida

Danielle Nishida

Principal, Information Reporting & Withholding Tax, Washington National Tax, KPMG US

Podcast overview

Grab a cup of coffee and take a quick learning break with Danielle Nishida and Jigna Patel.

On today’s podcast, Danielle and Jigna discuss the completion of the Cayman Islands CRS Compliance Form, including deadlines, mandatory information, and applicable penalties. 

Our 10- to 15-minute IRW Coffee Break podcasts, brought to you by KPMG Washington National Tax professionals, will feature a range of topics, including recent tax developments, compliance reminders, and current compliance issues facing the industry.  We are eager to hear your feedback. If you have comments on this podcast or have ideas about topics to cover in future episodes, please email us:

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