Brazil Tax Developments (Part 1): The More Things Change ...

Podcast update on new tax controversy and dividend withholding proposals in Brazil

Kimberly Majure

Kimberly Majure

Principal, International Tax & Legal Operations Transformation Services, KPMG US

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Kortney Wallace

Kortney Wallace

Principal, International Tax, KPMG US

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Marcos H. M. Matsunaga

Marcos H. M. Matsunaga

Managing Partner, Ferraz de Camargo e Matsunaga Advogados


KPMG Destination Country X

Episode 08-2022 | Once again, Brazil has important tax proposals on the table. But this time, instead of embedding them in a big package, the administration has tabled a few, more targeted ideas. And while one (in the tax controversy space) is quite taxpayer-favorable, the other (on dividend withholding) … not so much.

Marcos Matsunaga, managing partner for Ferraz de Camargo e Matsunaga Advogados*, joins podcast hosts Kimberly Majure and Kortney Wallace to discuss.

Look out in the coming weeks for our Part 2 podcast that will focus on additional recent Brazil tax developments and their interplay with the proposed foreign tax credit regulations released by U.S. Treasury Department and IRS on November 18.


* Due to the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) regulations, KPMG cannot provide legal services in Brazil. A Brazilian law firm named Ferraz de Camargo e Matsunaga Advogados (FCAM Advogados) is the representative of KPMG Global Legal Services Network in Brazil and offers a full range of corporate legal services.

KPMG LLP does not provide legal services.


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