CorpTax 2018
CorpTax 2018

2018 Corptax CONNECT Conference

CorpTax 2018

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center | Washington, DC

  • Echo Dot Raffle
  • KPMG Speaker Sessions
  • KPMG's Corptax Services

Echo Dot Raffle

KPMG LLP (KPMG) will once again sponsor the Corptax CONNECT Conference, the premier Corptax event for tax insights and technology. We look forward to connecting with clients to discuss their most pressing business challenges.

Attend the KPMG sessions to hear about our clients’ experiences and successes with deploying Corptax. Then visit our booth in the Cherry Blossom Ballroom Lobby where we will be showcasing KPMG’s capabilities related to our tax innovation methodologies. Stop by to learn how we can help you on your tax transformation journey.



Stop by our booth to enter our daily raffle for a chance to win!

While at the booth you can also enter our daily raffle for one of four Amazon Echo Dots or Amazon gift cards!  The drawing winners each day will be selected at random by KPMG.  Be sure to stop by each day to enter for that day’s drawing.

KPMG Speaker Sessions

BP-007 | It’s all about your Point of View

Tuesday, November 6

8:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.

When looking for your next house, you’ve always heard its location/location/location.  When looking to do a complex analysis or populate a data visualization tool, it’s data/data/data.  See how Corptax is making the “any data in, any data out” claim not only real, but the power behind the processes you need to do quickly and accurately in your tax life cycle.  See how Corptax Office Point of View (“POV”) can make access to volumes of data in your Corptax database quick and easy for tax package deployment, proving out your deferreds, journal entries, reviewed data validation, and how it can provide real-time support to your tax calculations and analyses.

  • Understand the Data Sources available to you through Corptax Web
  • Learn the optimal/automated way to pull data into complex analysis/modeling and data visualization tools using Corptax Office POV
  • See examples of critical analyses and visualizations that capitalize on the refreshable access to data residing in the Corptax database


IC-002 | Tax Update: International

Wednesday, November 7

8:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.

This session will focus on recent trends in international taxation in light of tax reform in the United States and abroad. We will provide you with a brief update of the current underlying political environment and subsequent guidance to H.R. 1.  Other issues to be addressed will be the potential impact to compliance in the U.S.

  • Review the recent updates for International taxation
  • Identify the H.R. 1 and related compliance issues that your business might face


BP-008 | KPMG State Apportionment Accelerator

Wednesday, November 7

10:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Driven by tax reform, state income tax has become a more material part of a company’s effective tax rate, increasing the significance of getting more precision for state apportionment data and to get it more quickly.  KPMG has developed a model to collect and calculate apportionment details, reducing hours required during the key compliance season from 100s/1000s of hours to 10s, based on a modular approach that is easily adaptable to the unique needs of our clients.  It is scalable whether for 5 entities or 500+ entities, and flexible to handle the frequent changes in state tax laws and regulations.   We have built into the model the ability to segregate data for different state return apportionment methodology needs, and can support multiple approaches as required by the states, such as Cost of Performance vs. Market.  Come discover how this modular approach can streamline your process related to state apportionment.

  • Streamline the collection of apportionment data
  • Calculate apportionment using multiple methodologies to meet state requirements
  • Automate the integration of apportionment results with Corptax Provision and Corptax US Compliance

KPMG's Corptax Services

Transforming insights into impact
Discover how our Corptax-focused team can assist with the implementation of Corptax third-party software and provide support on the end-to-end tax compliance and financial reporting processes.