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January 2020

Jan 17 - IRS to consider relief from double taxation related to section 965 repatriation

Jan 17 - Final regulations: Transfers to partnerships with related foreign partners (text of regulations)

Jan 17 - Inflation adjustment factors, Indian coal production credits for 2018 and 2019

Jan 17 - Notice 2020-4: Extension of temporary dyed fuel tax relief, Wisconsin terminals

Jan 16 - IRS to restore sequestered funds (AMT only) to businesses pursuant to OMB determination

Jan 16 - U.S. Tax Court: Written supervisory approval for penalty required before first formal communication to taxpayer 

Jan 15 - Regulations pending OIRA review: Implementing “carried interest” measures

Jan 15 - Proposed regulations on cloud-computing, digital-content transactions; public hearing scheduled

Jan 15 - Notice 2020-8: Biodiesel, renewable fuel credits for 2018-2019

Jan 15 - Alabama and Ohio: Financial institutions-related tax changes effective 2020

Jan 14 - Regulations concerning nuclear decommissioning costs; OIRA review completed

Jan 14 - Tenth Circuit: No redemption rights following sales to enforce federal tax liens

Jan 13 - KPMG report: SEC comments on accounting for income taxes

Jan 13 - KPMG report: Remote sellers and marketplace facilitators update (Alaska, Illinois)

Jan 13 - KPMG reports: Colorado (use tax, licensing agreements); Michigan (holding company); Missouri (telecommunication, license tax)

Jan 10 - Proposed regulations: Revised applicability date for regulations under section 382(h) related to built-in gain, loss

Jan 9 - Puerto Rico: Tax relief for taxpayers affected by January 2020 earthquakes

Jan 8 - U.S. Tax Court: UK entity’s income from work on U.S. outer continental shelf held taxable

Jan 8 - Utah: Corporate tax rate reduction, sales tax changes

Jan 8 - Reminder of energy-related excise tax extenders enacted in late 2019

Jan 8 - IRS National Taxpayer Advocate report for 2019

Jan 6 - U.S. public hearing concerning France’s digital services tax

Jan 6 - U.S. Tax Court: Requirement for IRS supervisory approval before penalty assessments

Jan 6 - TTB reminder, federal excise tax return filing dates for 2020

Jan 6 - KPMG report: Sales tax obligations of marketplace facilitators (Michigan, Missouri, Florida)

Jan 6 - KPMG reports: California (goodwill); Louisiana (sales tax, online sales)

Jan 3 - Oregon: Corporate activity tax, effective January 1, 2020

Jan 3 - Rev. Rul. 2020-2: Covered compensation tables for 2020 plan year

Jan 2 - IRS releases annual revenue procedures for 2020

Jan 2 - KPMG report: State and local tax, technology-related guidance (table, fourth quarter 2019)


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