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Padric Kelly O'Brien

Padric Kelly O'Brien

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IPO Tax Planning

Going public? An IPO requires substantial, detailed planning and execution from all functions – the tax function in particular.

Moving beyond compliance areas, KPMG M&A Tax Transition teams can help your tax department drive a tax-efficient transaction and make the necessary internal changes to serve a public company.

Our four-phased IPO tax planning approach helps organizations address tax issues often raised by the IPO process and meet increased demands for transparency and operational excellence after the company goes public.

  1. Assess: Determine the tax department’s readiness for an IPO.
  2. Plan: Create timetables for completing the IPO and making necessary improvements to tax operations.
  3. Execute: Prepare and file tax-related financial reports and other documentation for the IPO.
  4. Sustain: Plan for ongoing financial reporting as a public company.

Tax plays a critical role in an IPO’s success.

Read more, and contact KPMG to see how we can help your IPO succeed.

Legal Entity Stand-Up and Operational Readiness
Legal Entity stand-up and operational readiness. A disciplined approach to legal entity planning is critical to the success of a transaction and reaching managements defined organizational goals. Well-defined and structured processes in standing up or separating legal entities further the transaction and can decrease overall deal risk and contribute to synergies.
Legal Entity Rationalization - Operational Execution PMO
Utilizing a structured and organized approach to legal entity rationalization through a project management office will support the execution of a complex LER initiative.