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Tax credits abound. Are you capturing all of them?

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Almost all industries have qualified R&D activities and expenses. What is qualified for R&D Tax? How do you determine qualified research expenses? Are you getting the tax credits and expenses you deserve?

KPMG’s Research Credit Services practice includes local and national tax, accounting, engineering and technology professionals who specialize in helping companies potentially benefit from these tax incentives.

KPMG uses a tested methodology that is technology enabled to design a customized approach, based on your company and industry, potential IRS exam issues and risk profile, to efficiently collect, analyze and document your R&D activities, expenses and credits. This results in knowing you captured the tax benefits you are eligible for within the definition of this complex tax law.


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Reimagining tax...combining KPMG's tax experience with IBM Watson's cognitive capabilities, discover corporate tax benefits and risk with greater confidence.

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