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Highlights top-of-mind issues for tax executives.

Never before has the tax department played such an integral role in the success of the business. Chief Tax Officers (CTOs) are expected to align tax with business goals, drive strategic value, increase transparency, and improve the efficiency of tax operations.

KPMG's CTO Insights is designed to highlight top-of-mind issues for tax executives and ways CTOs are addressing these opportunities and challenges. Each edition covers critical information CTOs can leverage to further their organization's tax function. 


Jeffrey C. LeSage

Jeffrey C. LeSage

Americas Vice Chairman, Tax, KPMG LLP (U.S.)

+1 212-872-2100

Latest CTO Insights Spotlight Edition - February 2019

Today, the tax function has a vital role to play in everything a business does, from managing risk to driving growth. Many of the recent challenges being addressed stem from the rapidly changing tax environment across the globe and the need for advanced skills and talent to manage the uncertainty.


In this edition of CTO Insights, we discuss recent developments on the following top-of-mind issues:

  • Taxation of the digital economy
  • Evolving the modern role of tax and talent
  • Navigating state and local tax uncertainty


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