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Manal Corwin

Manal Corwin

Principal in Charge, Washington National Tax, KPMG LLP (U.S.)

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Post-BEPS Tax Controversy—Preparing for New Rules, New Risks

This 2018 KPMG report discusses how the changes to the global tax landscape that have resulted from the OECD's BEPS project may be catalysts for increased global tax controversy..

Across the Line: Navigating Global Tax Challenges

In this February 2018 issue of KPMG's CTO Insights – Issues Spotlight, on of the major international tax challenges multinationals are grappling with today—engaging with international tax authorities—is highlighted. The article sheds light on how leading-edge tax functions are working with regulators to help their cross-border businesses thrive.

Enhancing Value in a Disruptive Environment

Faced with evolving customer behaviors, new and unexpected technologies, and shifting regulatory and tax policies, disruption is becoming business as usual for many organizations worldwide. Learn more about this phenomenon in this 2017 KPMG report.

The BEPS Ripple Effect, Multinationals Are Reevaluating How and Where They Do Business

In this 2017 paper, KPMG provides insights to help business understand the potential ripple effects of BEPS reform beyond tax issues and take steps to respond to and cope with the new BEPS-driven global landscape.

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OECD BEPS Action Plan—Moving from Talk to Action

Regional overviews from KPMG International on how BEPS-related tax policy is evolving around the world