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Mobility Matters, published by KPMG's Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice, offers thought-provoking articles that can help raise awareness about topical and timely issues affecting international assignment programs and globally-mobile employees working for multinational organizations.

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Bob Mischler

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Today’s organizations are looking for more from their global mobility teams. The traditional goals are still critical, but the changing landscape of the global economy and the need to maintain a competitive workforce demand a more strategic approach. GMS professionals Caroline Hickson and Ablean Saoud with the KPMG International member firm in Australia observe that many organizations have seen the value in taking steps to transform their global mobility departments. They have become more strategic partners in contributing to an organization’s global business success by way of identifying the right talent, appropriately motivating that talent through creative and flexible programs and incentives, and getting their employees safely and efficiently to where the organization needs them worldwide. But, they point out, developing and retaining the organization’s people that go on assignment are key to that success.

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